Platform for PhD-level Lectures and Courses

Promotion of Young Researchers (AG Nachwuchsförderung)

This is a platform for jointly offering PhD-level courses and lectures by the participating institutions which are members of the Network "Herausforderungen der europäischen Geld- und Finanzordnung" (DIW, ESMT, ifo, IMFS, IWH, SAFE, ZEW), if necessary with support by the underlying PhD programs.

The institutions are invited to announce PhD-level courses and lectures on this platform developed and voluntarily managed by SAFE. The participating members can offer any course/lecture at their choice that meets the requirements. Each host institution has the right to restrict the number of students from partner institutions. Students wishing to attend will find all information on how to register online . Upon admission, they will receive course materials (syllabus, readings, etc.) and further information from the person in charge at the hosted institution.

Strengthening the connections and the exchange of knowledge between the network partners.
Promoting the network partners’ young researchers by enhancing the course portfolio offered to them.

Requirements for the courses/lectures to be listed
- Topics: within the overall network theme
- Level: Ph.D. mini courses (< 10 academic hours), lectures, (block) seminars but does not necessarily need to be part of PhD program)
- Lecturers: faculty members as well as by visitors or guest researchers.

Evaluation of attendees
The attendance to the offered courses and lectures does not require any method of knowledge evaluation. A certificate of attendance can be issued by the hosting institution upon request.

Eligible for Admission
Doctoral students and researchers employed at one of the network institutions and/or supervised by one of its professors and enrolled at a partner PhD program or institution.

Each institution reimburses travel costs for its own students and researchers if they wish to attend a course/lecture at another institution.